CLI Tool


It's a good idea to create a config file at ~/.config/tasklite/config.yaml first.

Check out the example config file for infos about available settings.

From Source

To build TaskLite from source, you need Stack.

git clone
cd TaskLite
stack install tasklite-core

To test the installation run:

tasklite version

With Docker

If you just want to try it out run:

docker run --rm adius/tasklite sh
tasklite help

When exiting the container all data will be discarded.

For repeated local usage run following command, but make sure to replace $TASKLITE_PATH with the path to your TaskLite installation as defined in your config.yaml file. Per default it's created in the XDG base directory: $HOME/.local/share/tasklite.

docker run \
  --rm \
  --volume "$TASKLITE_PATH":/root/.local/share/tasklite \

To make it easier to use, create an alias like:

alias tl="docker run …"

Providing your own config.yaml file to the docker container is not yet supported.